25 10月 11 .Com.Ru将于明天接受认购

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Backorder service for .RU, .COM.RU and geodomains


Dear client!

We notify you that:

1. On November 10, 2011 at 04:30 p.m. MSK, RU-CENTER stops backorder
application process for .RU second-level domains due to introduction
of new Terms and Conditions of Domain Names Registration in RU and РФ TLDs.

Backorders accepted, but not yet accomplished, will be automatically
cancelled and the deposit - released. The bids for the domain names, for
which two or more requests have been submitted, may however be closed after
November 11 as per Schedule 1/9: Domain Backorder Schedule.

From November 11, 2011 backordered domains registration will be provided
according to the new Terms and Conditions.

More about changes:

2. From October 25, 2011 RU-CENTER introduces a new service - backorder
of third-level domains in COM.RU and geodomains.

However, any taken domain may be backordered prematurely that will help
register the domain once it gets released.

If a single request is submitted for a releasing domain name, it will be
automatically registered for the applicant's name. If an applicant submitted
two or more requests, a domain auction will be held for registration rights
to the domain.

Service fee for a backordered third-level domain name is:
- specified in Addendum 2 (if a single request was submitted);
- to be defined by the auction results (if there are two or more requests).

More about changes:

Due to service modifications, the Domain Backorder Schedule and Addenda
thereto will be updated accordingly:

We also remind that on October 25, 2011 at 12:00 MSK RU-CENTER will resume
.COM.RU domains registration.
在2011年10月25日,12:00 MSK的 Ru-CENTER 中心将恢复 .COM.RU 域名的注册。
This mail campaign has been conducted as per the Service Agreement.
Customer Service Department
+7 (495) 994-46-01
+7 (495) 737-06-01


有意注册 .Com.Ru 的朋友可以去看看啦!

不过午夜客要提醒一下,注册 .Com.Ru 要通过实名认证哟!